A Special Solo Performance by Jeff Greenwald, Author/Journalist/Ethical Traveler

THURSDAY, MARCH 31ST, 2022 – 1 PM 

“What do a pink elephant, a Cuban beer bottle, and a Krishna statue have in common? All are among the 108 Beloved Objects featured in author/journalist Jeff Greenwald’s new one-man show. With COVID-19 squashing his travel assignments, Jeff decided to take an inward journey – around his Oakland flat. He picked out 108 objects, all of which evoked personal passages, and made a decision: He would part with the items but hold onto their stories …” https://themarsh.org/.

Jeff is the author of eight books, including Shopping for Buddhas and The Size of the World. He co-authored The Nine Gifts with Christine Marie Mason, and Out of Nothing with Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey. He is the executive director of the non-profit Ethical Traveler, a global alliance dedicated to creating positive global change through travel. Jeff is a Member Emeritus of the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, a faculty member of the Book Passage Travel Writers’ Conference, and a sworn enemy of fascism in all its forms, foreign or domestic.

Lynn Fabian Lasner, Cultural Arts Event Chair

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