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The Outdoor Art Club offers a number of free programs that are open to the public.  To better engage the public by providing maximum outreach, we will be hosting these programs via Zoom.  

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Speaker Series: Mandated Housing in Mill Valley

Speaker Series: Mandated Housing in Mill Valley


1:00 PM


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Urban Carmel, a City Council member for Mill Valley, and Bruce Dorfman, a long-time resident and developer, will engage in a discussion on how to successfully address the knowns and unknowns of mandated housing in Mill Valley. Danielle Staude will add her expertise as Senior Manager for the City of Mill Valley as the 3 speakers explore crucial topics such as the State housing mandates for the city, the required percentage of low-income housing units, potential requirements for mid-range housing, existing projects, and strategies for the City of Mill Valley to collaborate with developers in creating win-win projects. Please join us to learn more about the issues and details of how we as a community can work together to reach these goals.

Program Chair…..Suzan Sweet

Ladies to the Rescue Book


The Remarkable Story of the Women of the Outdoor Art Club who Shaped the Town of Mill Valley.


The Outdoor Art Club is proud to announce LADIES TO THE RESCUE, by Author Lynda Chittenden, Research by Melissa Kurtz.

In 1902 what was this town like? With no history of activism, what caused a group of local women to organize? They couldn’t vote, so how did they influence Town Trustees? How did this group fund and build a clubhouse in only two years? Once they had a clubhouse, why did their “home” become the town’s cultural center? Who were these women as individuals? What were the life experiences of some that compelled them to step out from their domestic worlds into public life? Why should we remember them? Are their voices relevant to us today? Curious?

$25 per copy

A few copies of Ladies to the Rescue are still available.  Please email your purchase request to [email protected]. Thank you.