founding members

35 Founding Members

Dr. Annie Marie Slate Anderson
Charlotte Flora Kratzenstein Ankers
Emilie Augusta Luise Desepte Barkan
Laura Effie Weister Barnard
Elizabeth J. W. Birnbaum
Isabella F. Stewart Bostwick
Carrie Edith Howard Bridge
Agnes E “Anna” Broger Cappelmann
Nora G. Woody Clark
Carolina Luisa Pregel Coffin
Flora Darling Nichols Davis
Emma Catherina Kratzenstein Dowd
Molly Helen Heynemann Eloesser
Eva Angeline Chamberlain Finn
Alice Elizabeth Roberts Folkner
Mary O. Ella Sherman Freeman
Agnes Sophia Mertzrath Hug
Caroline Loring Hunt
Sarah E “Sallie” Beachey Johnson
Caroline Mary “Carrie” Gray Klyce
Leila Lindley Marvin
Mary Louise Ramage Marvin
Elizabeth M. Catton MacCann
Lucy Emma Jagger Myers
Mary Ella (Ella M.) Doyle O’Brien
Elizabeth Eleanor Doyle Parsons
Kate A. Jacoby Pohli
Flora Buckbee Reynolds
Rosa Hahn Schlingman
Carrie B. Gidner Seaman
Elizabeth “Bessie” Cartwright Selwood
Eliza Morse “Lida” Crawford Staples
Marietta R. Stevens Watters
Laura J. Lyon White
Ada H. Mathews Wood

About the Book

Ladies to the Rescue

The Remarkable Story of the Women of the Outdoor Art Club who Shaped the town of Mill Valley

In 1902 what was this town like? With no history of activism  what caused a group of local women to organize? They couldn’t vote so how did they influence Town Trustees? How did this group fund and build a clubhouse in only two years? Once they had a clubhouse why did their “home” become the town’s cultural center? Who were these women as individuals? What were the life experiences of some that compelled them to step out from their domestic worlds into public life? Why should we remember them? Are their voices relevant to us today? Curious?

A few copies of Ladies to the Rescue are still available.
Please email your purchase request to [email protected].