What is the rental fee?

Effective January 1, 2019, the fee is $5,000 for Saturdays, and $4,600 for Fridays and Sundays. On Fridays and Saturdays, the event must end by 11:00PM (music ends at 10:30pm). Sunday events must end by 10:00PM (music ends at 9:30pm). After the event ends, your caterer will have additional time to clean up.


When can we tour the facility?

Guided docent tours are held on Saturday mornings between 10am-11:30am by appointment only. Please sign up on the website to make a reservation. Please check the calendar. The facility is privately owned by The Outdoor Art Club, Inc., a women's organization. It is posted as private property and is shown by appointment only.
Email: oacrental@outlook.com
Phone: 415-383-2582


How much is needed as a deposit to secure a date?

Half of the rental fee. Once a contract is emailed to you. You have 10 business days to return both your signed contract and deposit.


Any other fees?

A refundable security deposit is $1500. Further clean up time, if needed, is charged at $100 per hour.


What insurance is required?

A one-day event insurance policy is required. Our contract outlines specific coverage required. In addition, The Outdoor Art Club must be named as the third party insured. Proof of Insurance at specific levels is a requirement for rental.


Do you have a preferred caterer list?

You must use one of our preferred caterers, no exceptions. No food trucks allowed. We are happy to send you the list upon request.
Email: oacrental@outlook.com


Can we tent?

Yes. Portions of the front patio and wedding garden area can be tented by our exclusive tent provider: Big 4 Party Rentals in Corte Madera.


Can we use candles and barbecues or do other outdoor cooking?

No candles or barbecues can be used. No open flame of any kind due to the historic nature of the facility. There are battery-operated candles that can give the same lighting effect.


What about the liquor license?

For a private event for which there is no admission charge, your caterer can usually provide adequate licensing. Be sure to ask when choosing a caterer. If you are charging for an event and serving liquor, or selling liquor at the event, a liquor license is required. You must provide proof of licensing prior to your event.


Who cleans up?

You and your vendors must leave the building and grounds as you found it, including sweeping and mopping the floors in the kitchen, kitchen counter tops cleaned, and all recyclable and wet garbage removed from the property. Your caterer will manage the kitchen clean up.


Do you provide linens and glasses and patio heaters?

No, we do not. Renters provide their own linens, glassware and patio heaters which your caterer can rent for you.


How do we set up the tables and chairs?

Our Building Manager will consult with you and arrange for the table and chairs set up and break down. The contract provides for two hours of labor to set up and two hours for break down and clean up. Any extra clean up time will result in additional charges.


Can we bring in chairs?

NO chairs or tables other than provided by us are allowed inside the building. There is no exception to this rule. You may rent furniture for outdoors only.


Can we throw rose petals, rice, confetti , birdseed, etc.?

No. Natural rose petals (not silk) can be used in the wedding patio only. The use of real rose petals inside will result in staining and damages will be withheld from your deposit.


Can we bring in a band or DJ?

Yes. Music must be no more than 65 decibels at the gates up to 9:00 pm and 50 decibels thereafter. Generally, if the music is being played indoors, closing all the doors at 9 p.m. will meet the noise limits. Mill Valley noise ordinance requires all amplified music must be indoors only.


Can we move furniture outside?

No. Indoor chairs cannot be used outside. Tables can be used outside with our white patio chairs or outside folding chairs. Tables must be brought into the clubhouse at the end of your event.


Can we bring pets/animals?

No. Pets are not allowed on the property. Only certified service animals are allowed.


Can we hang anything from the chandeliers?

No. Our fixture are original and very fragile.


Can we hang anything on the entrance pergola?

Yes, using covered floral wire or nylon line you can attach lightweight decorations such as twinkle lights or swags. Nothing is to be hung from the mouth of the dragon, only from the top of the head fastened around the beam.


Can we use nails, tacks, pins or sticky tape on the walls?

No, you cannot use any fastening device that penetrates the wall surface. This applies both inside and outside. You can use low tack masking tape, fishing line, florist's wire to attach decorations with permission only. Inside the clubhouse there are designated hooks where decorations can be attached. Outside nothing is to be attached or fastened to any of the trees, shrubs or plant material in the garden.


Any other decoration restrictions?

Any fabric or materials used as decoration must be certified as fire retardant with the exception of table linens. Nothing should be attached to any lighting fixture or to the fire sprinkler piping.


What is the parking situation?

All parking is on the street and in local lots. More information regarding parking is included in your contract packet. The Catholic Church parking lot is not available for use by renters or their guests, unless prior arrangements have been made with the church.


Can we smoke?

The OAC is a NON-Smoking facility. There is NO SMOKING in the building or anywhere on our beautiful grounds. If there is evidence of smoking on our property, there will be a deduction from the security deposit.