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The Outdoor Art Club is a private, nonprofit women's organization which was formed in 1902. Our mission is "To preserve the natural scenery of Mill Valley and the surrounding country, to beautify the grounds around public buildings, to work against the wanton destruction of birds and game, to encourage the development of outdoor art and to engage in other civic, literary and charitable work."
The clubhouse is available for rental by the public. See Rental page.


Saturday, February 18, 8:30am - 4:00pm

Collectibles Rummage Sale

The Outdoor Art Club at One West Blithedale will hold a Collectibles and Rummage Sale on Saturday, February 18th, 9am-4pm. For $5 you can be an early bird and enter at 8:30AM. There will be beautiful items for your home: artwork, fabric, lamps, small appliances, furniture, vintage items, jewelry, decorations and linens. All proceeds benefit non-profit organizations in Marin.


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